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A question we have received a lot over the last few months, Why? why does over 95% of your actors sign with high end reputable agencies in the first term of their training wit you?

The answer is actually relatively simple, and it is a mixture of things.

  1. We know everyone. We have spent the better half of the last decade meeting, getting to know, working with and building relationships with quite literally hundreds and hundreds of people in the industry. Agents, managers, directors, casting agents, producers, actors etc. That fact of the matter is, that our word carries quite a lot of weight in the industry and to the people that we know. As a result, they value our training very, very highly.

  2. We know what they are looking for. Not just agents, but directors and producers as well. We spent our early years as actors blindly stumbling along the actors footpath with our crossed fingers and palpitating hope! along the way, we discovered the answers. We are not the only ones in the industry who have the answers, we are just willing to give it all to our students quickly and efficiently. We don't want our actors to be with us for years and years, we would much prefer to have our actors in and out, and on to the next job (Working professionally). I like to think of it like this; we have made all of the mistakes for you!

  3. Our actors advance quickly. We consider our first term with new actors to be a fast track 10 week course, where at the very least, actors are "SET READY". every. single. one. As a result, after the first 10 weeks, majority of agents are more than happy to take on a new, talented and well trained young actor. Onto of this, agents understand that these actors still have more training to do with us and are confident that they are going to become the absolute best actor the can be.

  4. Appropriate timing. Agents are not taking on talent every day of the year. They often have cycles of when they are willing to take actor on board and add them to their books. Of course newly anointed actors are none the wiser when it comes to the cycles of agency acceptance... luckily we are, and utilise this to the advantage of all of our actors.

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