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Why is Top Tier Actors Studio regarded as the best acting school in QLD?

Well, even though we don't like to toot our own Horne so to speak, we do understand that what we do here at Top Tier Actors Studio is really amazing. We don't just work with students on cool little acting tricks and fun activities. Although these are always included, we work on our students development in ALL ASPECTS of the industry. Acting methods tailored to the student, industry advice, help in finding agents, headships and showreels. As well as tailoring our entire approach to the student. Some students need a cuddle, and some need a strong head pushing the towards their goals. This term alone we have had 3 students sign with big management teams, 6 get their first showreel and 10 get headshots. These three things are the three MOST IMPORTANT business needs that you must have to kick start your career.

We guide you through every step of your career, every question, every problem, every role and every audition - we are their for you! with over 12 years experience in the industry as young actors, we understand the hardships of choosing a career as an actor, and we have been through all of the same things you are about to experience!

Most acting schools aren't run by actors, which is a terrible shame - as the best way to learn the craft of acting is FROM ACTORS! we know that the best lessons we learned about the industry and the craft were from other actors! We have built our school and classes around this formula, and strongly believe that our programs are the best choice for any young actor wanting to use, and be pushed as far as they can in this industry!

Josh - Top Tier Actors Studio CEO

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