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Co-founders and Head instructors Josh Lacy and Bridgette Armstrong are dedicated to the growth and success of each and every one of their students at Top Tier Actors Studio. With a passion for assisting mental health in Australian youth blended with the Beauty of the performing arts, they are widely known for being favourites amongst the young actors of Queensland and New South Wales, and we LOVE them too!




After more than 8 years in the industry as an actor, starring in multiple feature films, short films, pilots and television series, Josh has really done it all. Winning a PRISMA AWARD for best supporting actor at the Rome independent film awards in 2018 and a further 7 nominations for his work, He is a worthy instructor for our most elite students. Working with the likes of Sir Anthony Hopkins and Joshua Winnington he has already racked up an impressive list of credits. Josh specialises in acting methods, character development and business studies.


INSTRUCTOR - Acting for film

Bridgette Armstrong is an Australian actress known for her work in "Thor: Ragnarok", "Occupation" and more. Bridgette has a keen interest in assisting the growth of of aspiring young actors, and with her warm, motherly approach, she is always able to make meaningful connections with her students and guide them through their studies and life with true passion! Bridgette specialises in accent coaching, script analysis and character building.

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