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2021 at Top Tier Actors Studio

2021 is going to be a massive year for us here at Top Tier Actors Studio. We are introducing a number of extremely exciting and fresh new partnerships and courses throughout the year that will give our actors poll position in any casting and a front row seat to the best roles going around.

We are working closely with XS Stunts and the XS Stunt team to bring a short stunt training course to our actors for 2021. Both Bridgette and Myself had the pleasure of working with the XS Stunt team on the upcoming TV production "Crossway". we were blown away by the talent and professionalism that the men and women of XS stunts showed, so much so that we wanted to introduce their services to our actors here at Top Tier Actors Studio. The team will be working with our students on weapons handling, cable stunts, fight choreography and more! we are very excited about this next step for our students!

We are also excited to introduce Aly Mai, a special effects make artist who has recently worked the in the incredible hair and makeup teams behind "Elvis", "Danger Close", "Young Rock", "Aquaman" and more! Aly will be woking with our actors on how it truly feels to be working whilst in a full prosthetic, with bullet wound, or with a mermaid tail on. Working with hair and makeup is a crucial part of an actors job whilst on set, and they are often the people you spend the most time with.

We will also be continuing our Top Tier Actors Studio tradition of actually introducing our actors to the best agents in the region and in Sydney and Melbourne as well. Our main goal here at TAPA is for our actors to find success as soon as they are ready, and as quickly as possible. we where able to connect more than 75% of our 2020 actors with agents that ultimately lead to a signing. We pride ourselves on our ability to use our unlimited connections in the industry to make a difference for all of our actors, this is why Top Tier Actors Studio has become on of the leading Acting Academies in Queensland inn just 1 short year.

We very much look forward to seeing all of the new faces and wonderful talent walk through our doors this year! Lets make 2021 count!

Josh Lacy - Creative director / head instructor.

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